Officially Dating? Ishaan Khatter Takes Rumored Girlfriend Chandni Bainz on Movie Date with His Mom

Officially Dating? Ishaan Khatter Takes Rumored Girlfriend Chandni Bainz on Movie Date with His Mom
Ishaan Khatter Takes Rumored Girlfriend Chandni Bainz on Movie Date with His Mom (image via ETV Bharat)

Bollywood’s Newest Couple in the Spotlight

Mumbai, June 2, 2024: Bollywood heartthrob Ishaan Khatter has once again captured the spotlight, this time with his rumored girlfriend, Chandni Bainz. The actor, who had previously kept his personal life under wraps after his alleged breakup with Ananya Pandey, seems to have found love again. The couple’s recent outing has set tongues wagging, and fans are buzzing with excitement.

A Cozy Movie Date

On Saturday night, Ishaan Khatter, accompanied by his mother, Neliima Azeem, and his stunning girlfriend, model Chandni Bainz, stepped out for a movie date. The trio was spotted outside a Mumbai movie theater, and the paparazzi wasted no time capturing the moment. Numerous images and videos flooded social media, leaving fans curious and eager to catch a glimpse of the trio.

Heartwarming Moments

In a heartwarming video shared by the paparazzi, Ishaan can be seen guiding his mother, Neliima Azeem, down the stairs. The mother-son duo exchanged smiles, and as they bid each other goodbye, it was evident that their bond is strong.

But the real highlight was Ishaan’s chivalrous gesture toward Chandni. He walked her down the stairs, ensuring she was comfortable, and even shut the car door behind her. The couple’s chemistry was palpable, and they both looked effortlessly stylish in their comfortable summer outfits, twinning in white.

Confirming the Relationship

Ishaan and Chandni first made their public appearance together in September of the previous year. Their hand-holding escapade at a friend’s engagement ceremony sparked rumors, and now, their movie date with Ishaan’s mother has confirmed the speculations.

The internet is abuzz with discussions about this new couple, and fans are eagerly awaiting more glimpses of their adorable moments.

Previous Appearances

  • Valentine’s Day Dinner Date: Earlier this year, the couple was spotted at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, adding fuel to the relationship rumors.
  • Friend’s Engagement Ceremony: Their hand-holding at this event in September last year was their first public appearance together.

Chandni Bainz: Who is She?

Chandni Bainz, 21, is a fashion model from Malaysia who has been making waves in the Indian modeling industry. She began her career as a child host for RTM (Radio Television Malaysia) and has since worked on various modeling assignments in both Malaysia and India.

Fluent in four languages – Hindi, Malay, English, and Punjabi—Chandni has built a notable profile in the fashion world. Her work includes a prominent advertisement for Sunsilk, aligning her with Bollywood stars like Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt who have also endorsed the brand.

Career Highlights

  • Child Host: Began her career hosting for RTM in Malaysia.
  • Fashion Model: Works extensively in both Malaysia and India.
  • Sunsilk Advertisement: Featured in a prominent campaign, placing her alongside major Bollywood celebrities.

Ishaan Khatter’s Professional Life

Apart from his personal life, Ishaan Khatter is making waves in the entertainment industry. His Hollywood debut series, The Perfect Couple, based on the novel by American author Elin Hilderbrand, is set to release soon on Netflix. The show stars Nicole Kidman, Liev Schreiber, Dakota Fanning, and Eve Hewson, promising an exciting watch for viewers worldwide.

Career Milestones

  • Film Debut: Made his acting debut in 2017 with Beyond The Clouds.
  • Breakthrough Role: Gained fame with his performance in Dhadak opposite Janhvi Kapoor.
  • Other Notable Works: Featured in A Suitable Boy, Khaali Peeli, and Phone Bhoot.
  • Recent Project: Starred in Pippa, a war drama that added another feather to his cap.

Upcoming Projects

  • The Perfect Couple: A Hollywood debut series set to release on Netflix.
  • Future Aspirations: Continuously seeking diverse roles to expand his acting repertoire.

Public Reactions

The public and media reactions to Ishaan and Chandni’s relationship have been overwhelmingly positive. Fans have expressed their excitement and support on various social media platforms, eagerly sharing and commenting on the couple’s pictures and videos.

Social Media Buzz

  • Trending Topics: Hashtags related to Ishaan and Chandni have been trending since their recent outing.
  • Fan Comments: Fans have left supportive and congratulatory messages on the couple’s social media posts.
  • Media Coverage: Major entertainment news outlets have extensively covered their relationship, adding to the buzz.

Key Takeaway Points

  • Ishaan Khatter and Chandni Bainz are the latest buzz in Bollywood, with their relationship seemingly confirmed after their recent movie date.
  • The couple, accompanied by Ishaan’s mother, Neliima Azeem, was seen at a Mumbai movie theater, sparking excitement and discussions among fans.
  • Chandni Bainz, a 21-year-old Malaysian model, has been making a name for herself in the Indian fashion industry and is known for her work in prominent advertisements.
  • Ishaan Khatter continues to build his career with upcoming projects, including his Hollywood debut series, The Perfect Couple, on Netflix.
  • Public and media reactions to their relationship have been positive, with social media buzzing with supportive comments and trending hashtags.

By providing a comprehensive look at the details surrounding Ishaan Khatter and Chandni Bainz’s relationship, this article offers a deep dive into the couple’s public and personal lives, their careers, and the media frenzy they have created.


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