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Uppena Tamil Full Movie Tamilrockers

Uppena, also known as High tide in English, is an Indian Telugu-language romantic drama film directed and written by Buchi Babu Sana. The film was produced with Naveen Yerneni of Mythri Movie Makers and Y. Ravi Shankar in collaboration with Sukumar Writings.

Panja Vaishnav Tje and Krithi Shetty are the film’s lead characters, with Vijay Sethupathi prominent. The story follows Aasi Tej, a fisherman who falls for Bebamma Shetty. Raayanam (Sethupathi), her father, is an influential zamindar who protects his daughter fiercely to preserve his family’s honour.

The makers held a January 2019 launch ceremony and began principal shooting in May 2019. The film was shot in Kakinada and Gangtok, Puri and Kolkata, and finished in January 2020. Devi Sri Prasad composed the music, and Shamdat and NaveenNooli edited the cinematography and editing. The original release date of the film was 2 April 2020. However, it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The film was released theatrically on 12 February 2021. It was a commercial success at the box office.

Story of Movie Uppena

Raayanam, a powerful zamindar, was established in 2002 in Uppada, near Kakinada. He fiercely defends his college student daughter, Sangeetha. Raayanam wants to build a shipping dock in his village by demolishing fishermen’s houses on the coast. Aasi, the son of Jalayya, a fisherman from Jalayya is a low-caste Christian.

Bebamma is the one he falls in love with. After watching Aasi fight in the bazaar, Bebamma begins to like Aasi. Bebamma is followed by Aasi daily on her bus ride to college. The bus stops working one day, and the driver asks Aasi if he can drop Bebamma off at college. The couple soon falls in love and begin to meet every day at the beach.

In the meantime, the breeding season arrives, and no one can venture into the ocean for more than a month and a half. Bebamma asks Aasi, who agrees, to take her to sea. They get stranded in the sea after the boat runs out of fuel.

Raayanam orders the destruction of all houses along the coast that night. However, he is concerned about his daughter’s absence. Raayanam meets Jalayya in secret and asks him for help finding his daughter. In return, his house will be spared. Bebamma and Aasi spend the night on the boat together intimately. Jalayya discovers them the next day and warns Aasi. Bebamma is returned to her father by Jalayya, who lies alone on the boat.

Raayanam is determined to find Bebamma’s partner. Raayanam finds a shirt hidden in Bebamma’s closet, and he tracks him down to Aasi. Raayanam’s men attack Aasi, his father, at the village mela. Jalayya is killed in the conflict. Bebamma flees from her home and asks Aasi if he would like to elope with him. He reluctantly agreed, and the couple boarded a train to Odisha, fleeing Raayanam’s men. The couple then travels to Kolkata and Gangtok. Aasi takes on odd jobs and places Bebamma at a hostel until they move in together.

Several months pass by. Raayanam promised his sister that Bebamma’s son would marry him within six months. Raayanam’s men pretend that Bebamma is with them to save their family’s honour all the time Bebamma goes away. Aasi, nearly six months after their elopement, promises to marry Bebamma. He takes her to a railway station. Raayanam’s men abduct Bebamma from the station and return her to her father.

Raayanam confronts Bebamma and asks her to confess to Aasi about the night she had sex on the boat. Raayanam refuses to budge, saying that he will never allow his daughter to marry a lower caste. He considers this a disgrace. Raayanam claims that Aasi disclosed their locations to him

Raayanam also revealed that he physically demoralized Aasi, amputating his penis, and his father dying from a heart attack. He saw that Aasi and Bebamma had eloped the night before. Raayanam believes that she will not return to Aasi as he has lost the manhood. Bebamma still loves Aasi, no matter what he did. She claims that neither Raayanam nor Aasi can determine the manhood of any person.

Bebamma says that manhood does not refer to an organ but to a man’s personality. Raayanam is moved to let her go. Bebamma reunites with Aasi.

Star Cast of Tamil Movie UPPENA

  • Panja Vaisshnav Tej as Aasirvadham
  • Master Raghavan as Young Aasirvadham
  • Krithi Shetty as Sangeetha
  • Vijay Sethupathi as Kotagiri Sesha Raayanam
  • Sai Chand as Jalayya
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