Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge|Salman, Sushmita & Diya

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Important Information about movie Tumko Na Bhul Payenge

Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge ( in English: I’ll never ever forget about you) is an Indian song from 2002. Indian Action thriller Film directed by Pankaj Parashar . The film has a cast of Salman Khan , Sushmita Sen and Dia Mirza .

Story of Movie Tumko Na Bhool Payenge

Veer Thakur (Salman Khan) is a young, eligible bachelor. He lives in an isolated community with Thakur Punya Pratap Singh (Sharat Saxena) and Thakurain Geeta (Nishigandha Wad). The actor finds himself in a relationship with Muskaan (Dia Mirza) as his friend and daughter of a different Thakur. Their parents support their union, but Veer begins to experience visions of events he cannot remember occurring to him and discovers that he’s skilled in fighting techniques that no pehelwaan (wrestler), even his father, has ever experienced before. No one has any explanation for the facts.

A few days later, while the Chief Minister (Anjan Srivastav) is giving the address at a specific event in his hometown, Veer suddenly spots a shooter trying to target the CM. Veer is determined to defend the CM but is shocked to discover that the sniper and the building are missing. Veer is agitated; however, nobody knows that the CM is becoming agitated seeing Veer. A few days later, when Veer’s wedding is taking place, an armed group of mobsters are at the wedding and attempt to murder Veer However, Veer can kill them all by himself. He is convinced that everybody has hidden something vital from Veer and asks for answers. The Thakur apologizes and explains that he’s neither Veer nor their son.

The actual Veer (Arbaaz Khan) was a soldier who perished in the service. After burying in his remains, he discovered the bullet-damaged body of a man who was not identified. After realizing that the man could not remember his previous life, he informed him that he was Veer and invents a past for him because they are desperate to have a son. Veer decides to embark in search of his true identity. He travels to Mumbai and discovers that the police and goons are begging to take his life. He encounters a teenager named Ahsan or Munna (Sumeet Pathak), known as Ali Bhaijaan (brother); however, Munna is killed when he attempts to rescue Ali from being killed by an assassin. The hero is unable to recognize the killer’s face and assumes the name of his victim is Ali. He has visions of a woman (Sushmita Sen) who he’s never met.

The mystery unravels when he encounters a man known as Inder (Inder Kumar). With time, Ali begins to relive his old memories. It is discovered the name of his character is Ali. Ali Munna and Munna were siblings who were abandoned, and Inder was Ali’s best friend. A man of old age named Rahim Chacha (Alok Nath) was their guardian. A mysterious young girl Ali observed was Mehak, the love of his life. Ali and Inder were awarded medals for shooting in numerous events, though Ali was always the better. The marksmanship abilities are noticed by the Joint Commissioner of the Mumbai Crime Branch, M.K. Sharma (Mukesh Rishi), who offers an offer to them to disguise themselves as goons from a gang, and kill rival goons gang and then trick both groups into destroying one another in fights between gangs. Ali is adamantly against it; however, after some goons murder, Rahim Chacha Ali & Inder decide to accept the offer.

Mehak offers both men portable video recorders to help them prove their innocence if anything happens to them. Soon, the InspectorInspector will take the two before the Chief Minister (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) and his assistant (Anjan Srivastav). They plan to carry out an attack against the CM by making the opposition appear unclean in people’s eyes and garnering votes of sympathy to the CM. But the moment Ali attempts to fake the shooting, somebody actually is killed by the CM. The police are after Ali believing that Ali is the murderer, and Ali runs away.

After regaining his memory, Ali discovers that the CM’s assistant profited from the scheme to be CM himself. As a result, Ali learns that Inder took Mehak, his wife, to shield her from being harassed. Ali is determined to speak his story to InspectorInspector but is shocked to discover that no one will believe in him. Ali takes local trains when an attack occurs and can recall the incident; his memories are brought back to him. He remembers getting on the train precisely the same way when the murder took place, at which point Inder came up to him and admitted to murdering the CM. Then, Inder shot Ali to cover up the truth, and then the body of Ali was thrown in the river. The InspectorInspector then confronts Ali, and Ali convinces him to tell the truth.

Ali visits Mehak and informs her of everything. He is aware that there could be evidence incriminating in the tapes of Inder. While the video is played, Mehak observes amid horror Inder agreeing with the Chief’s assistant. Ali informs Inder that he has a clear memory that he has ever remembered. Together with his crew, Inder sets out to take down Ali Inder, and Mehak is killed during the execution. This is a source of anger for Ali, and he shoots the gangsters. Inder and Ali engage in a fight hand-to-hand. Ali is demanding Inder to explain his actions.

Inder admits that he consistently ranked second in popularity to Ali. Even Mehak, who he secretly loved and admired, chose Ali ahead of him. Additionally, Ali always got money and fame much more quickly than Inder. Inder admits that he ordered the goons to kill Rahim Chacha, manipulating Ali to accept the offer. In addition, When Ali returned home to Bombay, Inder saw him. Inder became the shooter, the brother of Ali, Munna was able to see.

Ali killed Inder in the battle and then broadcasts the Inder’s tape on the cable TV network, which frees him from the shackles of his past and places the current CM in jail. He then returns to the village and marries Muskaan in the same way planned.

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