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Important Informatation about Movie Sooryavanshi

Sooryavanshi is 2021’s Indian Bollywood action movie in the Hindi language directed and written by Rohit Shetty and produced by Reliance Entertainment, Rohit Shetty Picturez, Dharma Productions and Cape Of Good Films, with a screenplay written by Yunus Sajawal as well as an original story written by Shetty.

The fourth film in Shetty’s Cop Universe, it stars Akshay Kumar as ATS chief DCP Veer Sooryavanshi opposite Katrina Kaif with a supporting cast including Jaaved Jaaferi, Vivan Bhatena, Niharica Raizada, Jackie Shroff, Gulshan Grover, Abhimanyu Singh, Sikandar Kher and Nikitin Dheer.Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh, who make extended cameo roles reprise their roles as Singham and Simmba , characters from the earlier films.

Kumar’s character was announced towards the end of Simmba that served as a character introduction of Sooryavanshi.Initially locked for theatrical release on 24 March 2020, it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in India.The film was scheduled for theatrical release on 30 April 2021. 

The date of release of the film was delayed for a long time because of the increase in COVID-19 cases as well as the lockdown in Maharashtra. After numerous backlogs, Sooryavanshi was theatrically released all over the world on November 5, 2021 which was the day of Diwali.

Story of Movie Sooryavanshi

Recounting the 1993 Mumbai attacks, the film starts with the loss of the parents from DCP as well as ATS Chief Veer “Surya” Sooryavanshi, and later discovers that the Lashkar leader as well as terror ringleader Omar Hafeez is planning more attacks. He has created a sleeper cell network that consists of 40 terrorists that pose as Indians to plot more bomb attacks following the 26/11 Attacks and one of them has his own Son Riyaz Hafeez. 

Surya Hafeez was based in Jaisalmer, Surya and his team were able to capture Riyaz who had a distinct identity in Jaisalmer. Surya’s older Kabir Shroff tells about an entire ton of RDX being shipped to India including there were 400 kgs used in the bombings, and the remaining 600 kilograms of it are still in a grave within India.

Surya is planning to capture the remaining members of the sleeper cell and he is also thinking about his beloved wife Ria Gupta. Nine year ago, Surya had been wounded by the bullet, and Ria helped him recover. They became lovers, got were married and became parents to their son Aryan. 

After 8 years, Surya tried to nab an individual in a place who was in the room where Ria as well as Aryan were both present and ended up with Aryan shooting. Even though he was able to come out of the hospital however, an angry Ria was slapped Surya and advised him not to sacrifice his family in order to do his job And she said goodbye to Surya and took Aryan along with the rest of her family to Australia.

In the present, Surya comes across Islamic priest Kadar Usmani, who was later discovered as a terrorist and discovers Bilal Ahmed, the owner of a home is home to the sought-after 600 kilograms RDX. Usmani and Bilal take the RDX off the floor, and then prepare for their next bombings , until the point that Bilal goes to Mumbai and taxi driver John Mascarenhas takes him to Bangkok in exchange for 5 crore rupees. 

Surya takes Bilal who kills himself death. Later, after asking John to go to Bangkok to follow him for a long time after which he discovers the bombs were made in the hands of Mukhtar Ansari, a participant in the cell of sleepers.

 Usmani as well as John are detained; Surya plans to pretend to torture Usmani’s daughters in order to get him to confess. Usmani eventually informs Rafique that he will be meeting him. It later transpires that a bomb was exploded which killed Rafique, Usmani, and one of the policemen who were with the suspect. The daughter of the deceased helps Surya to locate Ansari that is hiding inside Shivgarh.

Surya wants Sangram “Simmba” Bhalerao, currently an Inspector responsible for Shivgadh to find Ansari. Simmba discovers that 7 bombs are planned to be planted in seven locations in Mumbai. Riyaz is able to escape, and it’s found out that the Anti-Terrorism squad’s headquarters will also be targeted.

Surya and his team solicit the the National Security Guard’s aid to secure the bombs using helicopters, and the bombings are unsuccessful. But, Riyaaz and his team utilize Ria as suicide bomber to target an ATS Headquarters keeping Surya, Simmba and the other police officers as hostages.

Surya’s close friend DCP Bajirao Singham enters, and they disarm the bomb placed around Ria as they finish off the terrorists. Singham advises Omar that he’ll pursue Omar soon. Mukhtar and Riyaz later fight with them. Singham is able to capture both of them and they mock them for being on the streets of India to sleeper cell for a long time with numerous attacks Mumbai and the police are unable to hurt them. Singham, Simmba, and Surya in rage, kill them.

Star Cast of Movie Sooryavanshi 2021

  • Akshay Kumar as DCP
  • Katrina Kaif as Dr. Ria Sooryavanshi
  • Ajay Devgn as DCP Bajirao Singham
  • Ranveer Singh as Inspector Sangram ‘Simmba’

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