Sangdil Sanam (1994)| Salman Khan,Manisha Koirala

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Important Information of Movie Sangdil Sanam

Sangdil Sanam (in English: Merciless sweetheart) is a 1994 Indian Hindi-language film written and directed by Shomu Mukherjee. The film features Salman Khan and Manisha Koirala. It premiered on the 16th of December, 1994.

Story of Movie Sangdil Sanam

Kailash Nath is the manager of a bank. He lives in a relaxed lifestyle together with his wife Savitri as well as his son Kishan. He has a great relationship with the Bank Watchman Shankar Dayal Khurana so that he helps arrange the marriage for Kishan and Shankar’s child Sanam. On the day of the wedding, Shankar goes to the bank and steals money.

Kailash is arrested and charged. Savitri, along with Kishan, is told by Shankar to stay away since protesters were demonstrating against the family. Kailash is detained and charged. He was then was sentenced to 12 years in prison.
When he has completed his sentence, after which he returns home to discover the fact that Savitri and Kishan cannot be traced.

In addition, he finds that he was arrested for the bank robbery by none other than Shankar, who is now the town’s mayor. Then, Kishan, now grown to be the village’s most popular and famous, travel to the city to bring Sanam home to be his bride.

Sanam is now a spoilt girl who is averse to poor people, is hesitant to get married to Kishan. Kishan is unaware that Sanam is set to get married to Pradeep Pradeep, the sole child of millionaire Lalla.

Lalla, as well as Pradeep, are both poor, but they act as millionaires to extort money from Sanam’s father, and they later deal with a female trafficker. Sanam plans to insult Kishan during their Engagement Day and wedding day with Pradeep. However, Kishan abducts her in the hope of destroying her pride and then goes on with his plan to make her his wife.

Kishan and Sanam remain in the jungle, Sanam escapes and goes to an area where food is distributed to the needy, Kishan arrives and is returning her when he meets an old man (Kailash) who is unaware the man is his father.
He hopes they stay happy and in love, even though Sanam isn’t pleased.

Krishna takes Sanam home with his mum to be his bride. His mother is delighted and invites everyone in the family to partake in celebrations. There is a girl from the village who is a fan of Kishan along with her mum. They are annoyed and jealous as they took the city’s bride and did not marry her.

While the guests talk, Sanam comes out of the room in a sloppy dress and starts dancing. This brings shame to Kishan along with his mum. After the guests have left, Kishan and his mother hit Sanam (although she smiles) and walks away to the rain. In the morning, the village has made a decision that they would like Kishan’s wife out of the town because they do not want their daughters to discover her nakedness. Kishan accepts the village’s decision.

However, Sanam had been in the rain for the entire night, and now she is suffering from an illness. The mother of Kishan’s asks him to assist her in recovering (although Kishan is angry with her because she has damaged the family’s image before the village) because he’s the one responsible for the incident.

Kishan has to accept. He supports her recovery and also takes care of her during the day and at night. When he sees that, Sanam recalls their marriage and begins to fall in love with Kishan. In contrast, Kailash breaks into Shankar’s home and shoots him to kill him for committing a crime against Shankar.

While this is happening, Pradeep enters the house and scuttles Kailash while Shankar is on the way to get his daughter back. When he gets to Kishan’s residence and asks the inspector to take him into custody, however, Sanam informs the inspector that as per the law, she’s an adult and is able to marry anyone she likes; thus, Kishan is not a criminal.

Then, Sanam threatens their father to take him into custody if she has allowed him into her house without her permission. Shankar is unfortunate but isn’t able to do anything about it. Kishan is happy because Sanam has changed into “Munni” (Sanam’s nickname from childhood).

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