Raghuveer (1995) | Suniel Shetty, Shilpa Shirodkar

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Important Information About Movie Raghuveer

Ravi Verma is an honest and committed Inspector , who lives alongside his daughter, wife, as well as his brother Raghuveer. Ravi along with Raghuveer are brothers who share very strong bonds and are very close to one another. But, their bond is weakened due to the fact that Raghuveer often engages in fights.

Raghuveer cannot stand injustice, and when he witnesses the injustice of his professor He fights for his professor. This puts him in trouble and his career in law could be in jeopardy. Raghuveer gets falsely blamed of beating the professor, but the truth is that it is Bitoo whom the teacher beat. At this point, Raghuveer and his gang of four begin combating for the poor. This is the time when Raghuveer as well as his beliefs clash with criminals Sevakh Rao Niti Ram, as well as Ganpath. In the beginning, Raghuveer manages to defeat the evil forces of these villains. He is then wrongly accused of murdering Ganpath. 

The second time around, Raghuveer is tortured in prison, in front of his brother, as Ravi is misinterpreting him as well. When his brother is murdered, Raghuveer escapes prison. Do he kill the criminals? Do they get him detained for the second time? Check out Raghuveer to discover.

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