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Prometheus 2 Full Movie In Hindi

Prometheus, a 2012 horror science fiction film, was directed by Ridley Scott. It was written by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof and starred Noomi Rapace and Guy Pearce. The story is set in the late 21st-century.

It centers on Prometheus’ crew as they follow a star map discovered among artifacts from several ancient Earth cultures. The crew travels to a distant planet searching for the origins and encounters a threat that could lead to the end of humankind.

The film was developed as the fifth installment of the Alien series. It was released in 2000. Scott and James Cameron came up with ideas for a film to serve as a prequel to Scott’s horror science-fiction film Alien (1979).

The development of Alien vs. Predator was developed in 2002. The project was abandoned until Scott rediscovered his interest in it. Spaihts had written a script to prefigure the events in the Alien films. Scott chose a different direction to avoid repetition of cues from the Alien films.

In late 2010, Lindelof joined Spaihts to rewrite Spaihts’s script. He and Scott created a story that predates Alien’s story but is not directly related. Scott says that Prometheus is a film that shares some elements of Alien’s DNA and takes place within the same universe. However, Prometheus explores its mythology and other ideas.

Prometheus Movie Download In Hindi

Prometheus began production in April 2010. There were extensive design phases that involved the development of the technology and creature requirements for the film. The project was shot almost exclusively with 3D cameras and on-location in England, Iceland, and Spain.

The film was promoted via a marketing campaign, which included viral activities on social media. The film received a positive response and was awarded three videos featuring the leading actors of the character.

Prometheus was first released in the United Kingdom on June 1, 2012, and in North America on June 8, 2012. The film generally received positive reviews. It was praised for its production values, cast performances, and designs. However, criticisms of the script’s inconsistency and unclear plot points. The film earned more than $403 million worldwide box office. Alien: Covenant was the sequel that was released in May 2017.

Prometheus Full Movie Download In Hindi

A humanoid alien consumes an iridescent liquid when a spacecraft leaves a planet. This causes its body to disintegrate. The alien’s DNA is reconstructed and falls into a waterfall as its remains are left behind.

Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway, archaeologists, discover a star chart in Scotland in 2089 that matches other maps from unconnected ancient cultures. While the ship’s crew travels in staleness, the android David watches their progress. Meredith Vickers, the mission director, arrives on board in December 2093 and informs them about their mission to find Engineers. She also asks that they not contact her without her permission.

Prometheus Movie Online Watch In Hindi

The Prometheus is landed on a barren, mountainous area near an artificial structure which a team investigates. They find stone cylinders and a monolithic humanoid statue with a humanoid skull. Shaw also finds the head of an Engineer, which Shaw decapitates. They discover other bodies that lead them to conclude that the species has disappeared.

Millburn and Fifield, crew members, become uncomfortable with their discoveries and try to return to Prometheus. However, they are stranded in Prometheus when they lose their way. Crew members Millburn and Fifield are forced to return to the ship by a storm, which ends their expedition. David steals a cylinder from the structure while the rest of the cylinders leak a dark liquid.

The Engineer’s DNA matches that of humans in the ship’s laboratory. David examines the contents of the cylinder. Holloway is unaware that he has tainted a drink with the liquid. He then gives the drink to Holloway. Holloway had previously stated that he would do whatever it took to get answers. Soon after, Shaw and Holloway had sex.

Millburn is killed by a snake-like creature inside the structure. The serpent sprays a corrosive liquid that melts Fifield’s helmet. Fifield is thrown face-first into a pool of dark liquid. Millburn’s body is discovered by the crew when they return. David discovers an engineer in stasis and a large 3D holographic map of Earth in a control room.

Meanwhile, Holloway sickens rapidly. Vickers rushes Holloway back to Prometheus, but he refuses to allow him aboard. Vickers then burns him with a flamethrower at his request. A medical scan later reveals that Shaw is in advanced pregnancy, despite being previously infertile.

She is afraid of the worst and uses an automated surgery table to remove a squid-like creature. Shaw discovers that Weyland was in stasis aboard Prometheus. He tells Shaw that he wants Engineers to help him prevent his old age death. Vickers calls Weyland “Father” as Weyland prepares for departure.

Prometheus 2 Full Movie Download In Hindi

The Prometheus is repopulated by a monstrous, mutated Fifield who kills many crew members and then returns to take his place. Janek, Prometheus’ Captain, speculates that this structure belonged to an Engineer military base that lost control over a deadly biological weapon, the dark fluid. Janek also believes that the structure is home to a spacecraft.

Shaw and Weyland, along with a team, return to the structure. David wakes the Engineer from stasis and speaks to him in Proto-Indo-European to explain what Weyland wants. Before reactivating his spacecraft, the Engineer decapitates David and kills Weyland and his crew. Shaw runs away and warns Janek about the Engineer’s plans to release the liquid on Earth.

Janek agrees to stop the spacecraft. Janek, the rest of the crew, and Vickers make sacrifices by driving the Prometheus into an alien craft. Vickers escapes in an escape pod. Vickers is killed when the Engineer’s spacecraft crashes to the ground, disabled by the Engineer. Shaw finds that her alien offspring has grown to enormous size and is still alive when she goes to the lifeboat.

Shaw is warned by David’s active head that the Engineer is following her. Shaw is attacked by the Engineer who forces open the lifeboat’s airlock and releases her alien offspring onto him. The Engineer is subdued by the Engineer as it thrusts an ovipositor down his throat. Shaw retrieves David’s remains and, with his assistance, launches another Engineer spacecraft. To understand the Engineers’ motivations for destroying humanity, she plans to reach their homeworld.


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