Pralay The Destroyer(Saakshyam)| Bellamkonda Srinivas, P. Hegde

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Important Information about Movie Pralay The Destroyer (Saakshyam)

Saakshyam (Nature The Witness) (translation Witness) is an Indian Telugu language action film directed by Abhishek Nama under the Abhishek Pictures banner and written by Sriwass. The film features Bellamkonda Sreenivas and Pooja Hegde as well as Sarath Kumar Meena as well as Jagapathi Babu as supporting characters.

The music was written by Harshavardhan Rameshwar, with cinematography created by Arthur A. Wilson and editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara. The film earned 13 crores worldwide at the box office in the first week of it was release.

Story of Movie Saakshyam (Pralay The Destroyer)

The movie begins with a group of men brutally removing the cow and its calf, who follow the group. The action shifts to the home of Raju Garu, in which the family has assembled for the naming ceremony for his son. A group of people shows up with the calf and informs them that the brothers of Munuswamy have taken the calf’s mother (who is a temple member) together with a host of other cows. This results in Raju Garu beating Munuswamy’s brother and then bringing his cows home.

The word of his brothers’ humiliation is reported to Munuswamy, and he, along with his three brothers, go to Raju Garu’s house in which the party is taking place. They brutally kill every one of the family except Raju Garu’s wife, who is injured. Raju Garu can keep the brothers busy as his wife goes off with her child, but she is weak and incapable of continuing because of her severe injury. At this point, the child (whose mom was saved by Raju Garu) arrives and is placed in front of her.

Raju Garu’s wife interprets this as a warning to wrap him in a shawl and secure him to the baby. The villains appear close enough to witness the calf running away, and a chase is sure. The wounded calf manages to escape the villains and can land on a dirt track. The villains witness the baby falling off the cliff and think he to have died. To hide their crimes, they ignite the cowshed because even animals could be an important witness of their deeds when they are in a bad mood.

The story is then retold in narration, where the narration states that even though Munuswamy is content that he has destroyed all witnesses to his crime, he is unaware of his five nature elements which can be found everywhere, have witnessed his deeds, and will get their revenge for his crimes.

In the meantime, the child is taken to a dirt mine where the truck dumps him alongside the dirt. A Hindu saint spots the child, brings the child to Kasi, takes him to Kasi, and then takes him away to Temple. Siva Prasad and his wife, a couple who is not a child, visit praying for a baby and are overwhelmed to meet the child. The temple priest then names him Viswa since this is nature’s command to raise the child’s name by them. After that, the couple departs to the US with their child.

Twenty years 20 years later, Siva Prasad and his wife are celebrating their success with their business. The reporter inquires regarding their son Viswa who could be taking over the multi-billion-dollar empire; however, Siva Prasad says that Viswa isn’t interested in being the sole owner of the company since he’s more attracted to creating games. Viswa and his family are introduced. They are currently developing a new game for the video that they will send to a company that will release it.

The video, however, is disqualified due to cultural differences. Viswa and his companion meet a girl called Soundarya Lahari. She’s a Hindu Spiritualist who has come to the USA to speak regarding Indian mythology. Viswa is immediately in love with her beauty, so both go to her to seek her assistance in developing the game by incorporating cultural aspects. But, Soundarya is offended by their offering of money, and she scolded states that culture isn’t something that can be bought. Viswa and his companion assist his brother and sister-in-law find jobs through his influence. This leads the way to Soundarya willingly agreeing to aid Viswa.

The group is introduced with Valmiki, the friend she had in her youth who is an IT professional with an in-depth knowledge of Indian Mythology, who helps by offering them an idea of the game, which is similar to Viswa’s own life story, which is about the story of a child whose entire family was murdered by evil-minded people and the five nature elements take revenge against the evildoers via the boy. Vishwa was impressed by the idea of Valmiki and then hired Valmiki to create his game.

While Soundarya is at work, Soundarya leaves for India to visit her father Tagore, hospitalized by Munuswamy’s gang after fighting against them in court. Viswa goes with her to India and begins to develop the game’s video in India.
In the meantime, Munuswamy ordered to kill Soundarya to serve as a warning to stop Tagore in his tracks. In the following instances, Soundarya had to be protected through Vishwa from Veeraswamy Munuswamy’s brother.

He eventually killed him via the earth and air elements of the natural world. He is shocked when he learns the tale that the game tells that took place in real life. When he goes to Kasi to offer salutes from his mother’s side to the Kasi Vishwanath temple, he runs into the second brother of Munuswamy, who was killed by an element of fire.

He attempts to stop the fire but fails. In the meantime, Munuswamy is in search of the murderer of his brothers.
Soundarya accepts the love of Viswa in exchange for his efforts to save her from the brother of Munuswamy and accepts his proposal to marry the man.

While she is at it, Valmiki designs a complete game and returns to India and meets his grandpa, who is practicing Vedic Astrology who is studying at the bad omens associated with Munuswamy and his brothers, and as well as fixing the dates of marriage for Vishwa as well as Soundarya.

After hearing the concept of Valmiki’s game, the player realizes the game is revenge against Munuswamy and his siblings from God the Almighty God of Mother Nature because of their wrongdoings against Vishwa’s parents. He recalls to Valmiki that during his childhood, in front of his younger Valmiki, Youth Munuswamy, and his brothers, he criticized the astrologer and refused to leave them on their terms.

He informs Valmiki that his mother wrote the screenplay of nature through him. She was present and decided to choose him to create the scenes, and no one could prevent them. In the meantime, Viswa’s business rival Shakti is joined by Munuswamy to acquire his primary stake in India and then abducts them. after which he demands Vishwa to hand over shares in exchange for documents.

Vishwa can take on them, but the natural elements of water, fire, earth, air, and fire can take revenge on the perpetrators by using Viswa and was witnessed through the second element, Sky.

Star Cast of Movie Saakshyam

  • Bellamkonda Sreenivas as Viswa
  • Gopichand as Chai Lee
  • Pooja Hegde as Soundarya Lahari
  • Sarath Kumar as Raju Garu
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