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Important Information about Movie Nene Raju Nene Mantri

Nene Raju Nene Mantri (in english “I’m The King” and “I’m Minister, an allusion to the King and Minister (queen) pieces of the game of chess) is a film released in 2017. Indian Telugu-language political action movie written by and directed Teja with Rana Daggubati and Kajal Aggarwal as lead actors as well as Catherine Tresa, Navdeep, and Ashutosh Rana in various important roles.

Production started in April 2016 and the principal shoot began in October of 2016 in Karaikudi. The teaser teaser was made public on June 6 which coincided with the 81st anniversary of D. Ramanaidu, Rana’s grandfather. A special teaser that celebrated 50 films by Kajal Aggarwal’s birthday was launched on on June 19. The film was dubbed into Hindi in the form of Main Hi Raja Main Hi Mantri, Tamil as Naan Aanaiyittaal as well as Malayalam with the title Raaja Kireedam. The Tamil version had scenes shot using local actors.

The film came out on the 11th of August 2017 to a favourable reception. The film did well on the screen.

Story of movie Nene Raju Nene Mantri

It is a political one that reveals how a common money lender known as Jogendra becomes a politician and what he does to gain power. While doing so, it explores the way his emotions affect him. The film also features the love triangle of Jogendra, Radha and Devika. There are plot twists and turns the film is entertaining and exceeds expectations.

Jogendra as well as Radha are a happy married couple, but they don’t have children. If they get blessed and Radha becomes pregnant, they’re thrilled. When they visit in the temple for prayers to ensure the health of their baby, Radha lights a holy lamp. Sarpanch who is the head of the village they reside in, goes to the temple together with his wife.

His wife is shocked to see how Radha lit the candle and is furious because she’s always the one to do it.She presses Radha across the steps to her temple and Radha is suffering from an mistaken pregnancy. The two Radha along with Jogendra are shocked.

Jogendra visits the home of Sarpanch and convinces Sarpanch to allow him to join to his campaign for political office. Jogendra is able to win but this causes a rift with Sarpanch. Sarpanch is determined to murder Jogendra however, Jogendra shoots Sarpanch after he states that he’ll also take out Radha.

Then, Hema Chander, the policeman who was supposed to hand Jogendra the FIR copy for murdering Sarpanch in defense, offers Jogendra to pay him to pay Rs. 50 Lakhs to marry his sister in exchange. Jogendra however refuses to contribute the money. He then gets Hema’s pistol, fires it at him and puts the blame on Chander.

MP Choudappa who was a supporter of Jogendra in his political party then demands for a sum of Rs. 1 crore. He also copies of the FIR. If Jogendra informs Choudappa that he’s unable to pay the funds, Choudappa asks Jogendra to transfer Radha to his home. After hearing this, a grumpy Jogendra murders Choudappa.

After Choudappa’s death is elected MLA and defeats his sister (who was his opposition party candidate for the election) in a way of proving that the brother he killed was his in order to win the MLA position. Then, he makes Choudappa’s wife believe in him and back him. With the assistance of his friends and sympathy, he is able to win the election.

Presently, Jogendra is the MLA and has a dream of living the life of a lifetime. He is able to achieve his goals by killing his adversaries and all those who stand in his way and also by establishing numerous companies (transport and liquor stores and hospitals, as well as institutions). He also advised a student for the job but did not get it because his recommendation doesn’t be effective as another student receives an official letter from an official from the State.

Jogendra is planning for a career as a Minister, and visits the student who has decided to commit suicide by climbing an apartment building and close to jumping. The mother of the student slaps him and the child comes down. Jogendra solicits the student body to start an hunger strike. He then meets with the CM and suggests an idea for ending the strike. He then seeks the minister’s post and the CM declines.

He then goes to home minister Subbarayudu who he persuades to mix poison into the nimbu panithat the CM was supposed to visit and hand over to the students. He then asks for the post of minister to which Subbarayudu is willing to accept. When the CM arrives to serve Nimbu Pani, Jogendra cleverly explains his friend that the drink is poisonous. In the end, the blame falls on Subbarayudu and he’s detained. The scene then shifts and the CM praises Jogendra and offers him Sanskritik Shakha Ministry (Ministry of Social Welfare) that Jogendra refuses and demands the CM to make a wise choice as the CM wants to establish a to be the home minister.

While this is happening, Devika Rani, a journalist, is conducting research on Jogendra. She discovers all the evidence needed to suit him since she works with the opposition party and broadcasts the news via her channels. She confronts her at her home. If she tells him the entire house is stuffed with cameras He seduces her and they engage in sexual relations. They start an affair and she falls in love him, however it’s only to discover the truth. He is still in love with Radha. After that, Devika, with the assistance of Subbarayudu (who is out of jail with bail) is planning to take on Jogendra.

Jogendra’s criminal actions are revealed, and he’s ruined. Jogendra as well as Radha go to the temple as Shiva’s son. (Shiva was an close friend of Jogendra who he shot dead in anger, believing that the latter was a threat due to a fake news clip created by Subbarayudu. Jogendra later regrets killing him.)

Shiva’s brother has planted an explosive along the route which explodes into which Radha is injured. Jogendra helps her and then takes her to hospital. But, Radha sacrifices her life to ensure that Jogendra will gain respect and be elected to make him CM. This happens the day before, Hema Chander cleverly gets all the secrets revealed, and the person who had been a winner the election from Jogendra’s side is given a bribe to join Subbarayudu.

Jogendra is taken to the spot where all the ministers and MLAs are present, and then is able to set off a bomb, that explodes, killing all.

The story continues to the present day in the prison in which Jogendra is conducting an interview. After that, a lot of people are in support of Jogendra’s story, and wish that he is the only Chief Minister. Social media users and messages to say they are not guilt and demand his release from being hanged.

A president from India suspends Jogendra’s hanging and at the perfect moment the prison warden shows up and the hanging of Jogendra is put on hold. Live on television, Jogendra asks people to select a person who is truly good and is willing to do more for the people, not a corrupt leader or person that has influence on them.

Jogendra advises people to select wisely and grant their votes with care. In the final scene, Jogendra light a cigarette, and announces to everyone that his name is “Radha Jogendra”, and without Radha being his name, he would not be a person. In response then, he hangs himself. He dies.

In the scene of the credits, Radha is shown sitting on a swing. Jogendra is shown coming to her and expresses his affection, which eventually is a scene of the couple’s reunion at heaven.

Star Cast of Movie Nene Raju Nene Mantri

  • Rana Daggubati as Jogendra
  • Kajal Aggarwal as Radha
  • Catherine Tresa as Devika Rani
  • Navdeep as Siva
  • Ashutosh Rana as Subbarayudu
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