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The film opens with Daniel Alexander IPS being introduced. The Chief Minister of Kerala, Koyapparamban, and Daniel Alexander IPS assigns him the task of capturing Jackson Mathew. This thief steals black cash and leaves no evidence. Jack has robbed around 1780 crores of dollars 14 times in that month. Daniel accepts the case and discovers that Jack robbed an ISBC Bank.

Daniel examines the CCTV video and sees that a man entered the bathroom carrying a bag, but it was empty. He returned with a full pack. Daniel suspects the man to be Jack, disguised as a cameraman. Daniel nearly sees Jack’s face through CCTV, but he is overshadowed by other people.

Daniel, SI Hari, and DYSP Philipose are two police officers who accompany Daniel to the location Jack parked his car when he robbed the bank. Daniel checks the CCTV in a nearby shopping mall and discovers that Jack is not working alone. After a bird runs into Jack, Jack accidentally shows his face on the CCTV.

Daniel then sees Jack. Daniel can then learn more about Jack and the businesses he owns. Philipose and Hari, along with other officers, pose as Income tax officers to raid Jack’s home to prove that Jack is the thief. They search for a long time, but they find nothing. Jack’s accomplice RK Nair suspects the raid was an accident and sends Jack off to Goa.

Jack and Daniel Movie Download

Jack is at the airport when he meets Sushmita, and they fall in love. Jack registers Sushmita at a chess tournament. Jack gives Sushmita instructions. She wins the chess contest, winning 50 thousand rupees.

Jack threatens to murder Sushmita and his gang if they don’t give him the money. Jack beats them both and they all leave. They were unaware that Philipose, who was following Jack, had recorded a fight video.

Daniel is shown the footage by Philipose, who concludes that Jack is a skilled fighter based on his fighting skills. Hari joins Jack and Sushmita when they head to Jack’s home. Jack informs Sushmita at Jack’s house that there will be a black money transaction tomorrow at a hotel and that Koyapparamban is the recipient. Jack places a wager with Sushmita.

Jack informs Sushmita she can share this information with anyone she wishes and tries to stop Koyapparamban. Hari is told by Sushmita, who saw Hari following them.

Hari tells Philipose all about it, and he tells Daniel. Daniel discovers Jack will be there to steal the money and he and his team plot how to arrest Jack. Hari and Philipose follow Jack’s plan. Daniel witnesses Koyapparamban move the money to another car that drives in a different direction. Daniel tells Philipose, Hari to follow Jack but they continue following Jack.

Daniel pursues the other vehicle and Jack, riding a bicycle, follows him. Jack robs the money, but Daniel crashes Jack’s car into his bike. Jack subdues Daniel temporarily and then rides off. Daniel chases the bike, but several people arrive on bikes and look very similar to Jack. Daniel tells Hari & Philipose that Jack must be caught but they are confused about who the real Jack is. Jack then escapes with the money.

Jack and Daniel Movie Review

Jack disguises himself as a woman to trick Philipose into stealing jewellery from a store. Sushmita falls in love with Jack, and she later sees him buying flowers. He follows her, and she sees him at a soldier’s funeral. Sushmita turns out to be a police officer. Sushmita is told by Daniel, who checked Jack’s past, that Jack was an ex-NSG Commando. His brother was also an NSG Commando.

Jack and Daniel meet at a Church. They share all they know about one another. Jack becomes emotional when Sushmita informs him that she saw him at his funeral. He and Jerald Matthew, his brother from NSG commando Jack, embark on a mission together. Jerald is shot and killed. His wife commits suicide by poison. Jerald sends his 2 children to boarding school.

Jack robs their money. Jack and Sushmita go on a vacation to a resort. Sushmita informs Daniel where they are. Jack, who is not known to Sushmita, plans on stealing the bank across the street from the resort. Sushmita eventually figures it out and tells Daniel. This bank is also where Koyapparamban, the chief minister, plan a black money transaction. Jack told Sushmita that Jack knew she was a police officer from the beginning and that he was only playing along.

Jack disguises himself as a bank guard the next day. Sushmita notices the situation and informs Daniel. Daniel and his team prepare to arrest Jack, but he escapes. Jack kills the CCTV operator and cuts the connection to the building. Sushmita arrives at the bank to try to capture Jack. Jack then puts handcuffs on Sushmita and runs. Daniel, Hari and Philipose arrive to chase Jack.

Jack is beaten by the other officers. Jack and Daniel reach the helicopter landing zone of a building. They fight each other. Jack and Daniel fight until Jack leaps from the building through a window. Koyapparamban, the Chief Minister with the dark money, is also in the room. Jack lands on Daniel, ready to attack him. However, Jack and Daniel join forces and are arrested together.

Jack escapes with some black money. Daniel visits Jack and shows him the location of Punjab, indicating that Daniel is now a thief. Both leave for Punjab at the end.

Jack and Daniel Movie Cast

  • Dileep as Jackson ‘Jack’ Mathew
  • Arjun Sarja as Daniel Alexander IPS
  • Anju Kurian as Sushmita IPS
  • Ashokan as SI Hari
  • Saiju Kurup as DYSP Philipose
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