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Hindi Movie Movie Ishq

Indra Kumar directed the Hindi-language romance comedy Ishq in 1997. In the film, Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla star and Kajol, Ajay Devgn and Johnny Lever.

It was theatrically released on 28 November 1997 to mixed reviews. However, it became the third highest-grossing film of 1997 with more than Rs500m (US$6.6m) worldwide.

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Story of Movie Ishq

Ranjit Rai and Harbans Lal Saxena, two businessmen with high net worth, despise the needy. Ranjit Rai’s son Ajay is seen with Raja, his childhood friend and a poor mechanic. Harbans’s daughter Madhu is friends with Kajal, also a poor person.

Ajay and Madhu fix Ajay’s marriage by signing a fraudulent marriage certificate. They then send Ajay to Madhu’s Ooty home. Ajay can fall in love with Kajal, and Raja and Madhu can get back together. The two men are furious and try to persuade Raja and Kajal to leave Madhu, Ajay and their home. They then attempt to kill Raja and Kajal, but this fails. The children refused to give up after realizing the truth about their fathers.

The parents eventually play a nasty trick on the lovers by convincing them that they have changed and are now ready to allow their children to marry who they want. Kajal is kidnapped while at Raja and Madhu’s engagement ceremony

Raja rescues Kajal from being raped and comforts them. They are also photographed without their knowledge. Soon after Raja, Kajal and Kajal arrive at the party, their fathers show Kajal the photos of Raja comforting him. The images, taken out of context, make it appear that Raja and Kajal had an intimate relationship.

Kajal’s uncle is also bribed into falsely confirming the illicit affair. Raja and Kajal attempt to prove their innocence. But Ajay, Madhu and Raja refuse to listen, and Kajal and Raja’s fathers’ plan is successful.

Ajay, Madhu and Raja think Kajal is pregnant with Raja’s baby. Raja and Kajal are told that they are marrying, as their fathers had hoped. Kajal tries to commit suicide after hearing this. Raja stops her. Raja attempts to teach Ajay & Madhu a lesson while riding in a car motorhome.

Raja pretends that he is about rape Madhu. But Ajay saves and comforts him. Raja is taken into custody by police and brutally beaten. Kajal pleads for his release. Both agree to the conditions that Raja and Kajal leave the country and that they will be executed if they return. Raja is released after Kajal agrees.

Ajay and Madhu are about to get married. Ajay’s uncle Lambodar shows them photos of Ajay comforting Madhu following her nearly being raped. This indicates that Raja had attacked them to recreate his and Kajal’s situation. It also proves that Raja, Kajal and the fathers are innocent.

Kajal’s uncle, a bribe-taker, also admitted that he lied to prove Raja and Kajal their innocence. Ajay, angry and upset about his father’s doubts of Kajal or Raja, almost chokes his father to death, but his conscience saves him. Ajay then commits suicide, but Madhu Lambodar and Lambodar prevent him.

Madhu and Ajay decide to search for Raja, Kajal and rush to the shipyard. They succeed in stopping Raja, Kajal and their ship from leaving the country. They forgive each other, and they reunite. The lovers learn that Ranjit had delayed the ship’s departure for half an hour. This allowed Ajay, Madhu and their partners to meet.

After realizing their terrible mistake in hatred for the poor, the fathers arrive and ask forgiveness. They also declare how poor they are despite their wealth and that their true wealth is their children. They are forgiven by their lovers, and they all reunite.

Star Cast of Movie ISHQ 1997

  • Aamir Khan as Raja
  • Ajay Devgan as Ajay Rai
  • Juhi Chawla as Madhu Saxena
  • Kajol as Kajal Jindal
  • Johnny Lever as Lambodar Upadhyay
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