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Important Information about movie Gully Rowdy

Gully Rowdy is 2021’s Indian Telugu-language romantic action film directed through Kona Venkat and MVV Satyanarayana under Kona Film Corporation and MVV Cinemas banners and directed by G. Nageswara Reddy. The film stars Sundeep Kishan, Neha Shetty, Rajendra Prasad in the leading roles with music written by Sai Karthik and Ram Miriyala. The movie came out on September 17, 2021.

Story of Movie Gully Rowdy

A young man tries to reconcile his new romance and the demands of fellow friends who expect him to keep up his wild manners.

The film was made in Vizag, where Vasu, along with Head-constable Pattapagalu Venkatrao, can be seen at the beach, shot at with a gun, by CI Raghu Nayak. Vasu revisits his past and finds out that he was an a-lister in his youth. However, his grandfather, Meesala Simhachalam, is an obnoxious man who settles disputes to benefit the populace.

This is a source of irritation for Bairagi Naidu, whose plan is to be the sole owner of Vizag and put it in his control. Because of this, Bairagi can make numerous settlements on land, which makes Simhachalam extremely angry. However, he is unable to do anything since his power is higher than Bairagi’s. After that, Naidu suggests Simhachalam that make his son an alcoholic, as his son was killed in a car crash. This is a source of frustration for Vasu; however, he accepts it in his grandfather’s name.

After a few years of learning, he is now obnoxious and eager to settle claims as his grandfather did. He is in the love of a software worker, Sahitya, who is the daughter of Venkatrao. The family members of Venkatrao are an upper-middle-class family. Venkatrao can’t afford to pay for his son’s education and the wedding of his daughter.

They soon learn that their land is going to be sold to someone for 2 cents. However, the land has been taken over by Bairagi Naidu. Venkatrao can then ask Naidu regarding his property; however, he was only able to get 50k and was tortured by Bairagi’s nephew Nanda.

Vasu is aware that the family of Sahitya is in crisis and is determined to help the family. Vasu and the family of Venkatrao assist with kidnapping Bairagi and then stealing money from Bairagi. In the process, they are being snatched by Bairagi, and Bairagi is shot to death by someone else. To gain an advantage, they cash in the money of Bairagi and then flee quickly, leaving behind pieces of evidence.

CI Raghu Nayak was removed for his reckless behavior, is assisted by the orders of officials. He gathered evidence such as Sahitya’s footwear, fingerprints and glasses, and some hair. He handed them over to the forensic laboratory.

Simhachalam, on the other hand, comes to realize the fact that Bairagi Naidu isn’t killed by Vasu and gets unhappy. Venkatrao’s family members and Vasu is informed that Raghu Nayak’s son is the second spouse of Bairagi Naidu, and that is a mystery that no one knows.

Venkatrao attempts to alter the evidence in the forensic laboratory. Still, Nayak realizes that the person who killed his father is Vasu and takes him into custody. Venkatrao is involved in the killing. Nanda can locate the family of Venkatrao and threatens Vasu.

Presently, it’s evident it is revealed that Vasu, along with Venkatrao, is close to being shot; however, Vasu gets away from Nayak and informs Nayak that Nanda has killed his father. Vasu, Nayak, and Venkatrao travel to Nanda, and Vasu can save Venkatrao’s family. Nanda has died at the hands of Raghu Nayak, And he believes that Nanda was responsible for killing his father.

However, it was Vasu who has killed Naidu and is keeping the case a secret. Vasu knows that his father didn’t die due to an accident, but the accident was committed through Bairagi Naidu.

Star Cast of Movie Gully Rowdy

  • Sundeep Kishan as Vasu
  • Neha Shetty as Patapagalu Sahitya
  • Rajendra Prasad as Head Constable
  • Bobby Simha as CI Raghu Naik
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