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Bermuda Triangle Movie Review

Bermuda Tentacles , a horror movie review. The film begins in 1987 with scientists discovering an anomaly under the Bermuda Triangle. A research vessel investigates, when they are attacked by something unknown. Cut to present day when Dr. Elizabeth Brooks (played by Tiffany Shepis ) is invited onto another research vessel to investigate this same anomaly for the same organization.

The scientists ( Dr. Barbossa , played by David Gizler) ask her to join the expedition because she’s an expert on paranormal phenomena . Elizabeth reluctantly agrees but is no happier when they get to the ship, where she finds out that there are 6 other people on board; 6 people who will get thrown overboard if Elizabeth can’t prove her worth by the end of the voyage.

The ship sails to the Bermuda Triangle and immediately finds something weird under the water. They send a probe down, which sends back images of a large colony of what appear to be mutated squid-like creatures living in an underwater cave system . When they lower a camera into water to get a better look, one of the tentacles reaches up and grabs it.

At this point Elizabeth decides that they need to abort the mission. The other scientists on board don’t agree, so the expedition continues. Things go from bad to worse when a monster attack kills one of their members and knocks out the other 3 before anyone can react . They have no choice but to continue into the Bermuda Triangle because it may be the only way to save their lives.

They head into the Triangle and find more of the squid monsters, plus a strange new type of monster with glowing green eyes that appears to be some sort of water dwelling mantis . They also come across an underwater city that they believe may be Atlantis. It’s all fun and games until one of them gets his leg bitten off by a monster.

Elizabeth is able to kill it with her boot, which apparently has steel-toed inserts . Now they only have 5 people on the ship and things are looking bad. They come under attack from both types of monsters, but manage to outrun them. Unfortunately the pressure inside the Triangle is much higher than they anticipated, so their ship is damaged. They have to start using the escape pods just to stay afloat.

Elizabeth kills one of the tentacles when it attacks her pod, which has left behind some sort of slime trail in the water with glowing blue-green pMovies . The others are able to get clear of the Triangle and head for home , but Elizabeth wants to go back in and kill the monsters because it’s the only way to keep them from coming after humanity.

The monsters are still following, so she steers into an underwater canyon where they can’t follow . She manages to find the source of the slime trail, which is a giant glowing green meteorite. The meteorite seems to be generating some sort of energy field that’s warping the gravity and density of the water in the Bermuda Triangle.

Elizabeth manages to get clear of it with no problems, but the monsters weren’t so lucky. The whole crew watches as monsters start floating up into the sky and exploding like fireworks . Elizabeth believes that they’ll never see these kinds of monsters again, because they’re gone now.

The movie ends with Elizabeth and Kurt (her love interest) asleep in bed together . Suddenly the ship starts shaking and we see that there’s a giant monster attacking it. The movie then flashes forward to Elizabeth and Kurt making out in his apartment , so I guess he didn’t die after all .

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