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Important Information about Movie A AA

Trivikram Srinivas directed and wrote Aa, a 2016 Indian Telugu language romantic family drama. The film is produced by S. Radha Krishna, Haarika & Hassine Creations. Samantha and Nithiin star in the film, while Ananya and Rao Ramesh play supporting roles. The film’s soundtrack and score was composed by Mickey J Meyer.

Based loosely on Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani’s novel Meena, the film was adapted by Vijaya Nirmala into the 1973 film Meena starring Krishna. The story follows Anasuya Ramalingam (daughter of Mahalakshmi), a wealthy and strict businesswoman who falls in love when she is sent to visit her aunt at a village.

Officially launched in September 2015, principal photography began in October 2015 and concluded in April 2016. After multiple delays, the film was finally released on June 2, 2016. Samantha received several awards, including Best Actress at the 64th Filmfare Awards South as well as Best Performance in Leading Role at 2nd IIFA Utsavam Awards for her role of Anasuya Radhakalingam. It was a success at the box office and was the eighth most-grossed Telugu film in 2016.

Story of Movie A AA

Aa is a story about Anasuya Ramalingam, 23, and Anand Vihari, with their families. Anand, a former chef runs an efoods company in Hyderabad. Anand is from a middle-class family and has responsibilities such as getting his sister Bhanumathi married, and paying off all of his debts.

Anasuya was born to Mahalakshmi, a strict and wealthy mother. Her mother is on a business trip and her father Ramalingam asks her to go visit her extended family at Kalavapudi village, near Vijayawada. She meets her cousin Aanand on the train ride to Kalavapudi village near Vijayawada. Her father requested that she accompany him back to her home.

She discovers the joy in being at her aunt’s Kalavapudi house, and she and Anand have a lot of fun laughing about it. She also learns that Aanand is being coerced to marry a village girl, Nagavalli. Anand doesn’t want to marry Nagavalli’s daughter, but Nagavalli’s father proposes. He keeps deferring the marriage of his sister Bhanu as an excuse.

Anasuya is shocked to learn that Nagavalli has come to their home to visit them. Anasuya acts close to Anand in front her, which frustrates her even more. Nagavalli, furious, calls Anasuya’s father and threatens Mahalakshmi to inform him that Anasuya has been in Kalavupudi. Later, it is revealed that there is a backstory to the reason Mahalakshmi does not like her husband’s family. Ramalingam solves the problem, but Mahalakshmi’s secretary overheard the conversation and decided to call Mahalakshmi anyway. 

Ramalingam retains his calm and quickly calls Anand to ask him to take Anasuya home before Mahalakshmi arrives from Chennai. Aanand convinces Nagavalli, who agrees to lend him a car because Anasuya is leaving, to get her home before her mother returns.

Anasuya, back at home, now realizes her love and devotion to Anand. Mahalakshmi had already made arrangements for her marriage to Shekhar, a wealthy man. He is not available for meeting her twice but she finally agrees to meet her at a golf course. She accidentally hit the ball at him and injures his caddie. Anu brings Shekar to the hospital and she meets Anand, Bhanu and other patients. 

His mother was hospitalized because Nagavalli, Nagavalli’s father, ridiculed their family and Bhanu’s inability to get married prospects. He tried to make it appear like he was doing them favors by allowing Anand the marriage of his daughter.

 Anasuya is pleased to see Anand, Bhanu and her family. However, this news is troubling. Even worse, she discovers that Nagavalli (her father) is also in the hospital. Anand asks her if Bhanu could stay with her at her family’s house. They had been good friends since Kalavupudi. Anand accepts, but only for one day.

Anasuya takes Anasuya home and tells Mahalakshmi, “Bhanu is Anand’s sister.” Mahalakshmi initially refused to allow Bhanu in, but she later agreed. She tells Anasuya that she took a loan from Anand’s dad for her business. When she tried to return the money, they refused and shut the door on her. Anasuya is warned by her to be cautious with Bhanu. Later that night, Bhanu saw Shekhar’s picture and said that he was good-looking. 

Anasuya gets another idea and takes Shekhar to a mall the next day and makes a deal for Bhanu. Anasuya helped Bhanu ruin a proposal while she was still staying with her. Anasuya now says that Bhanu owes Anasuya the same favor. This plan is a great one, and Shekar falls in love with Bhanu. Shekar’s grandfather mistakenly believes that Anasuya is Bhanu and agrees to their marriage.

Anasuya eventually confesses to Anand her feelings. He reveals that Mahalakshmi delayed and then refused to repay the money she borrowed years ago from his father. This was the cause of his father’s suicide. He is not sure how the two families will ever come to an agreement on their marriage.

Mahalakshmi learns that Shekhar is in love with Bhanu, not her daughter, and locks her up. Anasuya is angered by this and asks Anand to marry her. She refuses and walks aimlessly. Nagavalli’s father and his henchmen kidnap her. Anand saves her just in time to make Shekar her engagement ring and then leaves with Bhanu. He tells Bhanu he loves Anasuya and she asks him to share the truth with Anasuya. 

He returns to the engagement party, confessing his love and promising to keep her happy. Mahalakshmi asks Anand to give up on his daughter. Anand confronts Mahalakshmi about how she cheated her father of the money she owed. He leaves Anasuya at the end.

Anasuya and Anand arrive at his home, where Anasuya is shocked to find her parents. Her father revealed that Mahalakshmi panicked as soon as Anasuya & Anand left. However, he was able to calm her down and explain to her why they should be together. Both families made amends for past mistakes. Shekar visits shortly after to request Bhanu’s marriage hand.

Nagavalli appears to be struggling with the fact Anand won’t marry her. However, she tells her father that Anand would return to Nagavalli if they split.

Star Cast of Movie A AA

  • Nithiin is Anand “Nandu” Vihari
  • Samantha Ruth Prabhu as Anasuya “Anu” Ramalingam
  • Ananya as Bhanumathi “Bhanu” Krishnamoorthy, Anand’s sister
  • Anupama Parameswaran is Nagavalli Valli Venkanna’s daughter. Anand’s fiancée
  • Nadhiya, Anu’s mother, as Mahalakshmi
  • Naresh, Anu’s father, Ramalingam

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