Who Is the Tallest Bollywood Actress?

Who Is the Tallest Bollywood Actress?

India’s most glamorous actresses have been chosen for the tallest Bollywood movie stars listing. The list has been compiled based on various parameters like walk, complexion, and build. Today, India is known for its cinema stars and Walk of Fame has been launched to recognize those greats who have left a mark on Indian celluloid and society. Among the notable names are Sajida (actor), Aishwarya Rai (actress), Hrithik Roshan (actor), Prem Chopra (actor), Dushmanjayanti (actor), and Sharukh Khan. These ladies are some of the tallest in the Bollywood movie industry and have large fan bases outside India.

Women who are proud of their height can enjoy the most luxurious and grand hotels in India along with free tickets to various bhangra shows, live shows and other attractions. They can also visit various museums and galleries inside and outside the state. But, the fans can also enjoy the most thrilling way of enjoying entertainment indoors as Bollywood dance tours can be arranged at various theaters and clubs throughout India. The tallest Bollywood actresses of this century have made an impact on Indian culture, society, and art. These women have inspired many other actresses and their tall stature has inspired many other stunners.

The height difference between these women and other leading actresses is so vast that it is not possible to mention them individually. However, it is worth mentioning that Mona Sutta, who is the third-tallest Bollywood actress, is a rare breed, who has managed to maintain her height. Other notable Bollywood stars who are taller than twenty feet include Shriya Kumar, Nisya Choudhury, and Madhubala Murthy.

Tall Indian ladies love to flaunt their sensuous features and this has resulted in many a tall Indian lady becoming an instant hit. The first big break for any tall Indian beauty came when Madhubala Murthy made her appearance in the Hollywood blockbuster, Apne for which she was nominated for an Oscar along with the much taller Sushmita Sen. Even today, Madhubala stands as the tallest Bollywood actress who is around four feet ten inches tall. She has not been able to slow down even after so many years.

Tall Indian ladies have always been admired and it is no different in the case of Mona Sutta. There have been several rumors about her height, but till today she is still known as the Tall Indian Lady. She is also one of the few persons who have achieved an exact height of six feet ten inches. She is yet to face any complaints or queries regarding her exact height. Mona’s personal life is also full of rich fame and she enjoys a great relationship with several Hollywood celebrities.

If we are going to rank the shortest Indian female, then Mona could be at the top of the list. She has an astonishing height of just 12 inches and not even an inch taller. Mona has also been able to maintain a good body weight considering her short height. All these facts make it very clear that there can never be any confusion about who is the tallest actress in Bollywood. Mona is definitely the right candidate for the top spot. However, even after doing all these justice, we can only say that Princess Mona is the Tallest Indian Woman in Bollywood!

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