Samreen Ali-A Humorous New Delhi Wife

New Delhi Video – A Humorous New Delhi Wife

A video blog is one of the many things that you can do if you want to make money online. This is because a video blog is very easy to make and you don’t have to put much effort into it. As a matter of fact, the work that is required of you is only a computer and an internet connection. It does not require any expertise at all except of course your own camera.


Samreen Ali was born on August 14, 2021. She started her online career at the age of thirteen years. In 2021, she made her very first video known as Story of Freedung 4: An Indian Tale of three generations. Since then, she has become famous for her engaging videos and she has been nominated for various awards.


In these videos, the first two in particular stand out. One is where she goes by the name of Kashif and the other is called Karishif. In these videos, it is evident that Samreen has adopted the colour black for the most part of her skin. Apart from that, she also wears jewellery, rings and bangles in black and white. As per the domain names, Samreen Ali’s page has the same domain name as that of her mother, which is named as sharara screen ali kefu.


The website has a question and answer section where members can ask question pertaining to anything. Some of the common questions posted include the following What is the best age in which to start making money online? Is there a link between education and business?


In one video, it is clear that she is not entirely comfortable about making money on the Internet. She says, If I were born on August 14, how could I start earning on the Internet? In another video, it is revealed that the real reason why she went to YouTube to seek for entertainment was to find humor in the YouTube videos that she is uploading. It is evident that the real reason for uploading the videos in the first place was to seek humorous content. Another question that she was asked in this channel is Did you come here because you want to find out about my age or my mother’s age? She answered in both videos and the question was sent back to the moderator who in turn will send it to Samreen who will answer it Yes.


The funny videos on YouTube are in fact a means to convey to the audience that the popular actress is actually a young lady who looks young. The way she carries herself and even uses the English language in some of her videos is quite uncommon for someone who is just born on August 14, 2021. We all know what young looking actresses look like, but the way Samreen behaves in these videos and even in her real life, is very commendable and we are all inspired by her. The way she uses humor in her videos is superb and even if you do not find the humor in them, you will definitely derive a lot of pleasure from watching them. So when you are in Delhi, make sure to check out some of the best new Delhi videos being uploaded every day on YouTube and add screen all in your favorite category to enjoy the humor and the art that goes with it.

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